Business Strategy & Planning Facilitation

Leader180 has an exceptional team of experts in business strategy and planning. They have held leadership positions in a range of organizations, from Fortune500 companies to running successful start-ups. They bring a variety of experience that allows them to zero in on essential elements and information to ensure optimal success in an ever-changing marketplace. Using our partner approach, the team aligns information about your business, including your leadership team’s goals and essential industry information, and overlays it with practical and measurable objectives. The result is an actionable business strategy and plan that is aligned with your organization’s goals, and designed to help increase the success of your organization. The team coordinates and facilitates staff, management, executive and board retreats to foster increased collaboration and  alignment on vision, mission and strategy. 


Executive Coaching/Trusted Advisor

Leader180’s one-on-one and C-Suite coaching leverages leadership strengths to identify, develop, and refine opportunity areas. To optimize the experience and results for both the organization and the leaders, the Leader180 Method combines professional and personal goals, aligning them with organizational objectives. Our coaches build authentic relationships with leaders through a “listen” leader model that allows us to guide leaders effectively to next-level results.

Employee Relations

Many leaders experience times where they or someone on their team may be dealing with difficult situations or team members. Left unaddressed, these situations can fester into performance problems for the leaders, and can grow to impact entire departments within organizations. Leader180 provides confidential employee relations services that allow team members the opportunity to express concerns and work through difficult situations. This is done with the goal of helping the employee return to being an effective team member, and improving overall team communication and performance.

Executive Screening & On-boarding

Executive Screening and On-boarding are services that are typically used by existing or past clients. To be effective, it is important that Leader180 has developed rich and authentic relationships with the leaders in the organization, and we understand the organization’s goals and the type of leadership that would be most successful.

Screening during the interview process and includes both face-to-face and teleconference meeting with candidates. A profile is developed based on triangulating the candidate, job requirements, and the organizational goals and culture. On-boarding services are designed to help a new executive transition onto the team and into the company as smoothly as possible. It also allows the new executive a coach who has worked with other executives, and can provide insights and perspective during the first 90 days of their on-boarding.

Employee Surveys

Focusing on culture, communication and engagement with organizational goals, the Leader180 employee surveys provide leaders with critical information about employee understanding and alignment with company strategy, goals and objectives. The data is then transformed into action items/initiatives that allow leadership to optimize team growth and performance.  

Succession Planning

Delivering high levels of performance today, while planning for tomorrow, is essential for any executive team. Leader180’s succession planning experts partner with our clients to evaluate current and long-term business goals, identify the right talent, and help ensure that they are being developed for future leadership roles that align with the business goals and desired results. A critical aspect of the Leader180 model is the if/then scenarios that take into account potential industry and talent changes. We provide a flexible plan that is designed to adapt to the changing marketplace.

360 Feedback Programs

Leader180 offers a variety of 360 feedback tools, including Franklin Covey Leadership Quotient and are certified to deliver effective training programs like the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders for Managers. These tools are used with methods that allow leaders to receive feedback in a safe and productive way. Using this information, we create action plans for change that are designed to leverage a leader’s strengths while identifying opportunity areas in their leadership style. Leaders are supported to achieve success, while being held accountable to results they commit to in their action plan.

Organizational Change & Culture Evolution Initiatives

Many organizations are constantly changing to adapt to customer demands and industry cycles. Leader180 guides organization leadership teams on the most effective ways to design, develop and execute change to maximize the positive impact on the employee population

Team Alignment & Collaboration

Facilitated executive and management team alignment sessions are typically delivered before strategic and business planning sessions. These sessions allow leaders to come prepared to critical planning meeting as a collective team versus individuals leading various business units. These sessions are typically delivered in half-day or day-long sessions. Our facilitators meet with key individual(s) prior to the meeting in order to understand the desired outcomes and goals of the session. This enables our facilitator to design a custom session for your organization with the outcomes in mind. 

Leader 180 offers a suite of services that are used to create custom programs designed to help transform your organization.

Our services include: 

Corporate Communications

Effective messaging to your organization is critical for employee alignment and engagement with company goals and results. Leader180 works with your executive team to craft critical messages around organizational goals, change, and results. This enables your employees to stay informed and optimally engaged, increasing their loyalty to your organization while encouraging them to perform at higher levels. Corporate communication engagements may be specific to an initiative, or for a period of time to guide the internal communications talent on how to design, develop, and deliver effective messaging.